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Ebony Yoga offers live Kemetic Yoga Fusion Flow every first SUNday at noon PT and Seasonal Yin Yoga at every season shift at 5pm PT. A suggested $15 donation is appreciated but never required.

First SUNday Kemetic Yoga Fusion Flow

Looking for a yoga experience to activate your energy and educate you on black history? Try Kemetic Yoga Fusion Flow with Ebony Yoga. These thematic first SUNday yoga classes weave Ancient Egyptian mythology and history into a meditative, slow practice, emphasizing breath to breath movement and geometric progression.

EbYo Yin Yoga

Looking for a yoga experience that is empowering for both your body and your emotions? Try EbYo Yin. These seasonal yin yoga classes prepare the self to shift with the seasons. Yin is a meditative practice that emphasizes active stillness by settling into yoga poses for longer holds.

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Live on Zoom Testimonials

“Kemetic Yoga with Ebony Yoga silenced my mind and helped me listen to my body and my breathing. I felt really connected to my body and grounded. The awareness of my energy was something I had not experienced in yoga that strongly before!”

"I liked the opportunity to rest into each yin pose. I was able to have a more intentional connection to my body because my listening heightened in those moments of active stillness."

“I always leave Ebony Yoga relaxed, and with a sense of clarity. I've also had bursts of energy to get up and tackle tasks after a session of Kemetic Yoga. Learning to move and recognize the movement of my energy throughout my body has been the most influential towards my self healing."

What the body needs for the soul.


Ebony Yoga © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Built by Braven Agency

What the body needs for the soul.

Ebony Yoga © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Built by Braven Agency

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