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Whether you want to help your employees destress, host a girls night, or book an engaging presenter for your cultural or educational institution, Ebony Yoga is the perfect fit.

Corporate Yoga

From long hours hunched over screens, to shallow breathing that accompanies intense focus, to draining Zoom meetings, you and your team need a break! “Yoga for People Who Sit All Day” is an especially designed online series that opens the hips, back, neck, and shoulders. And it’s a fun way to reinvigorate your team while social distancing. Get your people away from the desk, connecting their body’s movements with their breath, and team building all at the same time. Contact us to book “Yoga for People who Sit All Day” with Ebony Yoga. Whether your team needs a 30, 45, or a 60 minute session to destress, Ebony Yoga is flexible and ready to work with you.

Educational Institutions

Looking for an engaging professor and an energetic public speaker to educate and interact with your students? Book Dr. Ebony Utley of Ebony Yoga. She has been on the lecture circuit for 15 years, taught at the university level for 20, authored two books and over 20 articles, and developed two social impact apps. Dr. Utley is a communication expert and entrepreneur who brings all of her areas of expertise to her yoga experiences.

Cultural Institutions

Interested in an innovative and interactive session to promote and preserve your institution’s culture? Ebony Yoga offers 60 and 90 minute sessions that compliment African (American) history, Egyptology, mythology, anti-racism, anti-violence, domestic violence prevention, hip hop, and healthy relationships. Ebony Yoga is a perfect opportunity to relax and inform staff and guests at museums and nonprofits. Book Ebony Yoga for the culture.

Private Sessions

Need more personal attention than group classes provide? Book a 30 or 60 minute private virtual session with Ebony Yoga. Practice what you want, when you want.


Are you ready to get away? Ebony Yoga is considering offering retreats for you to relax and recharge in a beautiful respite in Barbados. Complete our survey to let us know how we can survey you best.

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What the body needs for the soul.


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What the body needs for the soul.

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